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Analytics at the speed of thought

brytlyt is a High Performance Data Platform targeting the Big Data use case. Unique patented algorithms in the database engine are married with the latest hardware to provide blinding performance and exceptional ROI.


brytlyt’s intellectual property is the key differentiator that places it ahead of the competition. This intellectual property is relevant to 99% of the effort in most database engines. Benchmarking indicates these algorithms easily outperform the more established algorithms typically used and have superior performance and scalability characteristics. brytlyt’s intellectual property issues a new paradigm with what can be achieved.

brytlyt is a SQL native platform from the ANSI SQL queries submitted by users to the executing of these queries within the database engine, and all the way down to the storage of data on disk. Put another way, brytlyt is expressly not based on Hadoop, MapReduce or other NoSQL technology.

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